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How it is Useful?

ALLENTab – E-Book for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced, AIPMT, AIIMS

Know Importance of ALLENtab for Smart Study

In view of growing scenario of E- learning and widening scope of online exams (Several National & State level exams including JEE(Main), BITSAT & AIIMS are already held online), ALLENtab has now become an inevitable option.

Q.1 I am a CCP student, is ALLENtab beneficial for me?

Ans. Yes, it is add on to the CCP student performance improvement. ALLENtab is an educational Testing & Analyzing tool aided to improve the results via Extensive Periodic Tests, Practice Tests, All India Tests and Revision. Student can learn and revise for boards exams as well with this portable Handbook.

Q.2 Can I download e-books on to my handheld device?

Ans. Yes, you can download e-books in PDF format.

Q.3 How will it enhance my efficiency?

Ans. Extensive tests, results, SWOT Analysis infinite revision, improved abilities etc. finally enhance efficiency and better performance.

Q.4 How will ALLENtab motivate the student?

Ans. ALLENtab ensures enhanced efficiency and improved results through a systematically planned and organized study, extensive tests, reports and revisions. This motivates a student enough to procure ALLENtab which is an innovative educational tool for smarter learning.

Q.5 How student will have detailed evaluation of his performance?

Ans. Your ward will get multidimensional performance analysis which includes following:

  • Score card
  • Question/Topic/Subject Wise test report
  • Difficulty level assessment report
  • Graphical test report
  • Comparative report with toppers
  • All India Rank

Q.6 How will it improve students’ result?

Ans. Learning and revising on tab is somewhat more enjoyable. The student accomplishes things like better time management, Pressure Handling, SWOT Analysis etc. He can plan his study in a more organized manner.

  • With applied solution for important question the tab enables teachers to create the doubt counters at the very student level.
  • It will allow students to practice and revise more
  • It facilitate to conduct self analysis on an ongoing basis
  • With Unlimited attempt of Online Test

Q.7 With target preparation, will it prepare students for boards?

Ans. Yes. ALLENtab is equipped with a board revising tool. It facilitates students to prepare for boards along with target preparation. Student can revise and practice more for boards and target examination using same educational tool.

Q.8 Do you have any Hardware support?

Ans. Yes. We offer more than 100 service centers across India for Hardware Support.

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